Garlic Cabernet Hot Sauce
This full flavored hot sauce made with slow roasted garlic and Lakewood Vineyards Cab Franc can be used on anything. Try it on eggs, pizza, wings, salmon, burgers... your imagination is the limit. It’s got flavor with the flame!

Tequila Cactus Salsa
This spirited salsa made with tender cactus, fire roasted peppers, & tequila is a taste of sunny latitudes on a tortilla chip... but don’t limit yourself to the obvious. Tequila Cactus Salsa is fantastic as a garnish over swordfish, atop meatloaf, or to enhance your favorite vegetarian dish!

Corn Whiskey Black Bean Salsa

Our most heated salsa to date, made with local corn whiskey, roasted corn & garlic, savory black beans, and all the love that Chef William can put in a jar!

Roasted Garlic Sweet Pepper Salsa
This more traditional salsa struts its style with flavors of slow roasted garlic, sweet bell peppers, and a smoky bit of heat.  As well as it works with Mexican cuisine, its milder flavor enhanced with lots of roasted garlic makes your Italian dishes sing! 

Scorpion on the Cactus
Hot Sauce

Ever since Chef William Creations, the fastest growing gourmet food company in the Finger Lakes (perhaps the world!) started, we have lived by the motto of "Flavor before Flame."  Scorpion on the Cactus Hot Sauce is no exception.  But, be warned, it's an abundance of flavor and an inferno of flame!

Chipotle Brew-B-Que Sauce
 My very first beer infused BBQ sauce made with Wagner Valley Brewing Co.’s Sled Dog Triple Bock. This beer is not only one of my favorites to drink, but has enhanced my recipes for many years. It’s smoky heat will take all of your BBQ recipes to a new level!

Cranberry Mead
Honey Mustard
This, the first mustard produced by Chef William Creations...well, it's a "Flavor Bomb"!  We went back to Lakewood Vineyards who provided by favorite ingredient...Wildflower Mead.  Honey wine made from the oldest fermentation process know to man.  Cranberry Mead Honey Mustard is enjoyed with a pretzel as a spoon or on anything from potato pancakes to prime rib...ANYTHING!

Cabernet Wild Mushroom Dijon
Who cuts the mustard? Anthony Road Wine Company, the newest winery to join with Chef William Creations, is supplying Tony's Red. This semi-sweet Cabernet blend ROCKS our newest mustard.  The woodsy notes of the Wine, Wild Mushrooms, & Toasted Dijon makes you want to eat this mustard by the spoonful!

Concord Sloppy Joe Drench
The best thing that's happened to concord grapes since jelly! This original vino-pepper sauce made with Lakewood Vineyards wine was born to dance with wings, but try it on any BBQ, Sloppy Joes, Pasta or Seafood.  The "Concord Sloppy Joes" recipe is right on the bottle!

Vino Rosso Bruschetta
Chef William Creations plays matchmaker by pairing Villa Bellangelo's Bella Rossa (Merlot/Pinot Noir blend) with delicate strips of Pomodoro Tomato and Extra Virgin Olive Oil from California's fertile Central Valley...what you have is Vino Rosso Bruschetta. This traditional crostini topping goes beyond pasta dishes, to ragu, soup or stew starter...it's the best substitute for fresh tomatoes in your pantry.  Split a loaf of ciabatta slathered with garlic butter & top with Vino Rosso Brushcetta, strips of fresh mozzarella and a sprinkle of shaved Parmesan.  Bake at 350 degrees for 20 minutes...sexy!

Buffalo Ghost Hot Sauce
As the label states, the notorious Ghost Pepper dwells in this bottle.  But, not without SOUL….blended with Hector Wine Company’s Soul White Wine & my own concoction of peppers & spice.  Tamed by its buttery Buffalo-Style finish…it’ll be your favorite hot sauce!

In addition to the creations you see here, our full product line also includes:

~Raspberry Green Tea Drench
~Srira-Chup (Chili Pepper Ketchup)
~Mango Mimosa Drench
Descriptions and photos to come!
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